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Nasi Lemak Cakes

Nasi Lemak Cake is a modern rendition of a traditional savory rice dish called “Nasi Lemak” (Creamy Rice).

It is believed to have originated from the Malay indigenous community who lived by the Sea on the West Coast of Malaysia in the 19th century, where coconuts and anchovies were widely accessible.

It comprises rice made fragrant with coconut cream and pandan leaves. Traditionally steamed because if it is cooked over a hot fire, the coconut milk can easily burn. The rice and all the condiments (fried ikan bilis- anchovies, peanuts, egg and cucumber slices, sambal-chili) were kept warm wrapped in banana leaves and served for breakfast. Today, it is a popular dish eaten throughout the day.

For a luxurious dish, seafood such as Prawns, Squids and Fish were added.

In Singapore, nasi lemak is a notable Malay dish, and is acknowledged as an important part of Singapore’s food heritage.


The Nasi Lemak Cake you are about to enjoy is made with carefully selected fresh ingredients and herbs which act as natural flavor enhancers (lemon grass stalks, ginger, turmeric, blue pea flowers and pandan leaves).  We have cooked with abundance of love since it is a very labor-intensive process to prepare how it was originally done by our forefathers (steamed with banana leaves).

You may find white strands of the lemon grass, ginger stumps or blue pea flower in the cake and these are safe to consume. The aromatic herbs also have anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, and antibacterial properties beneficial with antioxidants.

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