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About Us

We specialize in custom/designer cakes for parties, weddings, and occasions. Our services include orders for corporate events, dessert tables and savory cakes where we combine our baking skills and artistry talents to make the perfect cake.

We have mastered the most popular treats such as cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, donuts, cookies, eclairs and even savory tarts and pastries.


We also provide fruit platters, cheese platters, vegan, keto and gluten free desserts for our customers. All these desserts can be coordinated with any party theme of your choice.


Queen B is passionate about sharing our love for baking, we provide classes and thematic baking parties for kids and adults.


Queen B’s Cake Boutique strive to make our customer’s special occasions unforgettable, or even just an ordinary day a little bit sweeter.


We share our genuine vision to be socially responsible, we are an inclusive employer and proud to support single mothers, children with Autism Spectrum and Down Syndrome. We collaborate with various non-for-profit organizations to provide fun baking activities and services that improve socialization, and life skills.

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